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Community college is the smart choice for your future. The CCsmart blog gives you self-care tips, college hacks, and general information to help make the most of your community college experience.


College Hacks

Desk and notes for study habits

Improving Your Study Habits

Study habits are difficult to form, but they are very important in college. When there may be days between classes, it is important to stay engaged in the course to perform well.
First-gen college application

Tips for First-Gen Students

Growing up with parents who speak of their college days can be beneficial even if it may seem trivial. For first-gen students, that “insider” insight may be harder to find. However, while it can be overwhelming, there are some tips to making college more navigable for first-gen students.

5 College Hacks We Learned from TikTok

Check out tips from some of our favorite TikTok creators that can save you time, money, and stress this semester.

6 Ways to Save Money While Attending Community College

From strategies to help you save on textbooks to student discounts, explore these budget-savvy ideas to boost your bottom line while attending community college.

How To Make a Budget – College Edition

Not sure how to make a budget work for you? Try these ideas to make understanding and managing your finances as a student a little easier.

Self-care Tips

Students together coping with mental health issues

Mental Health Matters: Coping with Stress in Community College

For college students, performing well academically is a top priority, but it can be difficult if they are dealing with stress or mental health issues. Learn more about coping with stress in community college.

How to Meet People at Your Community College

It can be tough being the new person at school. That's why we put together a few ideas to help you connect with the community you'll find at community college.

5 Ways to Prioritize Self-Care for Community College Students

Before you can take care of anyone else, you must take care of yourself. Try these tips to make self-care a part of your regular routine.