How to Meet People at Your Community College

How to Meet People at Your Community College

How to Meet People at Your Community College

Jun 7, 2022

We’ve all been there. First week of classes at a new school, dozens of people you don’t know, getting lost on your way to class three times, those awkward hours between classes where it’s not worth it to go home but you don’t really know what to do with yourself either. Finding people to hang out with can be tough – whether you’re a natural extravert or you’re dealing with social anxiety. And at a community college? It can be even more intimidating. Without the natural progression of roommates to dorm-neighbors, how can you get to know new people at community college?

Well, it’s not actually that different from at a residential four-year college. Many community colleges have just as many clubs and student organizations as four-year institutions. Find something that interests you, or if there’s nothing that feels quite right, talk to your Student Activities department about starting a new club. People join clubs and organizations for the same reason – to have fun and to meet new people. You are not alone, and even if it seems like the group is tight knit, it wouldn’t be a public group if they didn’t want new members to join. And as an added bonus, campus engagement is a great resume booster.

If you’re having trouble finding students who are active and engaged – check out campus events. Especially with smaller schools, you’ll see the same faces popping up every time there’s an opportunity to volunteer on campus. Those people tend to be some of the friendliest, especially towards new students.

Another easy way to meet new people is built right into every college experience – your classmates! Whether it’s getting to know your lab partner or starting a study group outside of class, there are students all around you and your class is an awesome connection. Even if you’re in an online class, online study groups can be a great tool to both stay engaged with the material and your fellow students.

The only thing you need to meet new people is just that – new people. Whether your campus has a ton of student engagement or maybe it doesn’t have many clubs or organizations, there are always people who are feeling the same way as you. Depending on your campus’s culture it may be harder to find people you click with, but with a little effort, you will make friends at community college.

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