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As a nation, we are facing an increased need for a skilled, trained workforce while simultaneously facing decreased student participation in college. While jobs are available, we know that good jobs—the ones with better pay, health insurance, and other benefits—require post-secondary education degrees and credentials, and the more of those, the better.

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Recent studies have shown community college stigma to be a top factor in a student’s college decision. In fact, it was as significant as other factors such as college cost, types of degree programs, academic achievements, personal aspirations, and the influence of parents and family. The finding held true across all socioeconomic groups, races, and among those who were and were not familiar with community colleges.

Community colleges are well known for their affordability and accessibility; they are not as well known for their quality. But we know, like you, the stigma isn’t real, and community colleges are quality institutions of higher learning and full of opportunities for every type of college student.

We are committed to changing this perception and we need your help. We hope you will join us today and sign on as a CCsmart College.

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