9 Reasons You Should Join an Honor Society

9 Reasons You Should Join an Honor Society

9 Reasons You Should Join an Honor Society

Jun 6, 2022

If you’re a high-achieving student, you’ll likely receive invitations to join honor societies at some point in your academic career. These memberships often come with fees or dues — is joining worth it? 

Read on to learn more about the specific support you receive from honor societies and how joining can make a difference in reaching your future success. 

First, what is an honor society? 

Honor societies award achievement and further advance students’ future goals in high schools, community colleges, universities, and post-graduate education.  

Honor societies recognize those who excel academically or are leaders among their peers in particular academic disciplines. In addition, students accepted into honor societies exhibit achievements in character, leadership, studentship, or community service.  

Honor society members are typically in a top competitive percentage of their class or have maintained an outstanding grade point average overall or within their field of study. Additional admission standards may include the completion of a particular ceremony or training program. Some societies may also require civic or community involvement, such as voluntary contributions to the school or a specific number of service hours.  

Admission processes vary. For example, some associations accept unsolicited student applications, while in other organizations, students are elected or nominated by their schools’ faculty members. Other honor societies can be even more exclusive, with admission granted by invitation only. 

Each honor society has chapters in participating schools across the country with their own set of bylaws, constitutions, emblems, mottos, principals, requirements, and rules. 

Whatever your future plans are, here are nine advantages to joining an honor society and what membership can mean for your ambitions around the corner.  

1. Prestige to Celebrate  

Honor societies: 

  • Encourage students and alumni to place their membership status on their resumes as a marker of exceptional achievement,  
  • Publicly and privately celebrate students’ hard work, drive, and dedication to excel 

2. Career Training  

Honor society members have extensive access to:  

  • Career resources, placement programs, and tools, 
  • Classes on building student’s social brand,  
  • Exclusive employment information and events, 
  • Fast-track to job applications, 
  • Free online professional development courses with the ability to explore salary averages and job availabilities in their field, 
  • Interview and salary negotiation preparation, 
  • Mentorship from industry experts,  
  • Letter of recommendation for professional purposes, and 
  • Resume-building experiences.  

3. Financial Aid Planning  

Honor society members can also help with: 

  • Financial aid advisors,  
  • Grant assistance, scholarships, resources, and  
  • Preparation for financial aid forms.  

4. Leadership Experience 

Honor society members can participate in:  

  • Community action initiatives to serve the community on a local, national and global level 
  • International travel and study abroad opportunities,  
  • Leadership courses
  • Resume and scholarship application boosters, and  
  • Soft skills training to advance communication, critical thinking, empathy, emotional intelligence, DEI, cultural awareness, organization, study skills, and time management. 

5. Networking Connections  

Honor society members also have access to: 

  • Accessible advisors,  
  • Elite invitations to conferences, conventions, summits, and webinars, and 
  • Social and professional networks.  

6. Publishing Opportunities  

Members of honor societies have:  

7. A Streamlined School Transfer Process 

Honor society members can benefit from: 

  • Access to advice from admission professionals, 
  • Financial aid planning and student loan courses, 
  • Internship and graduate school preparation, and 
  • Online databases with transfer ratings, school profiles, and student scholarships

8. Special Discounts  

Honor society members receive: 

  • Exclusive rates on essentials from car insurance to food or apparel, and 
  • Special pricing from partnering companies and organizations. 

9. Substantial Recognition 

Tangible awards associated with honor society membership include but are not limited to:  

  • A certificate, 
  • Notation of membership on a college transcript,  
  • Pin, 
  • Seal on a college diploma, 
  • Specific color, degree, and school robes and regalia (chords, scarves, stoles, mortarboard tassels, and medallions), and 
  • Spoken recognition during the induction ceremony. 

Honor societies offer a moment to reflect and credit yourself for how far you’ve come in your educational journey.  

Whether your sights are in transferring to a four-year school or you’re ready to enter the workforce immediately after graduation, honor societies can help simplify the process. Do your research, learn how to tell apart scam honor societies from real ones, and get your money’s worth by taking advantage of everything they have to offer. Honor societies can open doors to a network of people with similar passions, purposes, and occupational objectives, all while celebrating how far you’ve come in your educational journey. 

Are you ready to make the most out of your community college experience?  

Read about joining the Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honor Society today! 

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9 Reasons You Should Join an Honor Society

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