5 Advantages of Being a Community College Transfer Student

5 Advantages of Being a Community College Transfer Student

5 Advantages of Being a Community College Transfer Student

Jul 12, 2022

If a bachelor’s degree is part of your long-term education plan, community college is a great way to start. They are less expensive – like, tens of thousands of dollars less. Plus, they come with a few benefits you might not expect.


Attending community college helps you prepare for your future studies. In fact, you will do just as well if not even better than native four-year college and university students. CC’s come built-in with resources like transfer advisors, college transfer fairs, and clubs and organizations specifically designed to support your transfer goals.

And the best part? The credits you take at community college are usually transferable! Check in with your intended four-year institution to guide your course decisions, and you’ll knock out those general education requirements for good.

A More Personalized Education

While attending a community college, you’re able to reap the benefits of a local, flexible education. With smaller class sizes, you’re more able to bond with professors than at a larger school. Flexible hours and less expensive classes allow you to pursue your interests and explore potential majors if you’re still undecided without breaking the bank on a half-finished degree. Career-tech and certificate programs can help you boost your resume and learn marketable skills while still working toward overall transfer goals. The flexibility offered by community colleges allows you to personalize your experience so when you’re ready to take that next step, you know what you’re doing.

Success Rates


Community college students are proven to have high success rates at four-year institutions, regardless of competitiveness. In fact, we have higher completion rates than students who entered from high school! This is no doubt due to many variables, but a big one is the foundation we build at our community colleges. Both your community college experience and your transfer experience are what you make of them. As long as you put the work in, the benefits will be obvious.

Exclusive Scholarship Opportunities

We all know that going to a CC is a great way to save money, but did you know it can also put you in an even better position to get scholarships towards your transfer degree too? There are many scholarship opportunities just for community college students from organizations such as the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society (PTK), and so many more. Additionally, over 850 four-year colleges offer specific scholarships to students transferring with a PTK membership or high GPA. The important thing is to do your research and, of course, apply!

Time Flexibility

Most four-year colleges offer classes with pretty set-in-stone times that aren’t always compatible with jobs and outside responsibilities. One extreme benefit of community college – especially for those of us with outside commitments – is the time flexibility. Night classes are a great way to get things done during the day, maximize efficiency if you’re a night owl, and meet a wide variety of people. Many adult students attending community college alongside a full-time job, returning for a change in career path, or who simply want to expand their learning for their own pleasure will show up for night classes – and these are the peers you’ll learn the most from along the way.

Community colleges are also a leader in online education. They’ve been teaching online long before it was cool or trendy! Offerings include hybrid classes, online only, and in-person – and you can mix and match between these formats as needed to best suit your life and responsibilities.

Community colleges are a great launching point for any student, especially those planning on transferring. If you do your research and plan each step carefully, attending community college will put you at a great advantage in achieving all your educational and career goals.

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