The Value of Community College

Community colleges have the flexibility, affordability, and high-quality education to help you reach your goals whatever they might be.

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The mission of all community colleges centers around student learning. It is all they do. For credit programs, community colleges are accredited by the same regional accreditors as four-year colleges and universities. Their technical skills, technology, and healthcare programs also have additional specialized accreditation standards that further align with industry standards of quality assurance. Read more about how community college changes lives here.


Community college students are savvy consumers of higher education. Community college classes are 40% the cost of public four-year colleges and universities and they are typically smaller and learning environments are structured to maximize faculty-student and student-student interactions.


Flexible Learning

Getting the courses and training you need when you need it is highly important to today’s learners. Face-to-face, hybrid, summer, short-term, online, flexible start and end dates—you name it. Also known that community colleges were among the first in the higher education landscape to teach online.  They have been teaching in different environments for a long time and can provide you with robust learning experiences no matter which format you decide.