Take Advantage of Your College Resources

Take Advantage of Your College Resources

Take Advantage of Your College Resources

Aug 11, 2023

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Life is undoubtedly hard at times, but, luckily, your college already knows this. To help students manage hard times, many colleges offer resources and services to students. If you are struggling, make sure to take advantage of your college resources.

Tutoring Resources

If you are taking a course that you need assistance with to help you fully grasp the content and ace your tests, look for campus tutoring services. Many community colleges work with students to connect them to necessary tutoring. Often, tutoring services are conducted by peer tutors, and your professor or advisor can likely point you in the right direction.

Writing Services

Whether you are studying welding, nursing, or math, you are going to be required to write in college. Many colleges offer writing services to students who struggle with writing. Typically, they can offer guidance on grammar, spelling, structure, and flow. If you have an assignment that requires writing, see if your college resources include writing services. Also, writing services can usually help you with scholarship essays!

Writing is going to be essential in many aspects of your academics and your career, so make sure to get the help you need to write effectively.

Career Resources

Most colleges have a career center or career services to help students prepare for their future. Career services departments often help students write resumes and cover letters, practice interview skills, and find potential jobs. Some career service departments may be able to connect you with an apprenticeship or internship while you are still enrolled.

Also, some college campuses have created Career Closets. Career Closets help students prepare for interviews by providing free professional clothing. Some closets loan out or let students keep the clothing items. Career Closets vary by campus and are not located at all colleges. However, talk to your advisor and check if your campus has one. (If not, maybe you can help start one!)  

Food Resources

Food insecurity is a challenge for many college students, and it increased during the pandemic. Approximately, 30 percent of all college students suffer from food insecurity. At community colleges, 38 percent of students suffer from food insecurity. At four-year colleges, it affects 29 percent of all students.

Consequently, many colleges have created or partnered with food banks to help combat food insecurity among the student population. If you experience food insecurity, check your college resources to see if there is a food pantry on campus or one partnered with your institution.

Counseling Services

Mental illness and struggles with mental health are increasingly common among college students. Studies show that 60 percent of students deal with mental health issues while enrolled. Poor mental health can lead to a drop in grades, which may result in loss of financial aid or an inability to continue education.

To help students stay on top of academics while caring for their mental well-being, colleges offer free or reduced counseling services on campus for students. A college counseling center can include individual and group therapy from certified counselors and professionals. Mental health services allow students to work on their mental health and keep issues from spiraling and affecting their academics.  

Financial Services

Many colleges offer financial counseling services to their students. Financial counseling services can help walk students through the different types of financial aid and financial assistance. Students can sit down and discover their options for paying for tuition. Financial aid and student loans can be complicated to find and hard to understand, so many colleges work with students to help them through the process. In some cases, financial services can help students create a tuition payment plan based on the student’s finances.

Utilize Resources

Colleges offer these resources to help their students navigate and cope with different challenges they may be facing while also staying on top of their education. If you are a student in need of these services, do not hesitate to reach out to your college to learn how to access different resources. The faculty at your college and these resources want to help you succeed, so take advantage of your college resources when you need them.

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