LCCC Student Finds Success At Community College

LCCC Student Finds Success At Community College

LCCC Student Finds Success At Community College

May 1, 2024


Laramie County Community College student Rebekah Sweet started her higher education journey at Baptist College of Ministry. However, after two years there, funding became a burden and Sweet had to leave education.

For seven years, Rebekah worked at a daycare, but she knew she wanted to do something different with her life.

“I wanted a program that had website designing or graphic design as I thought it would be useful in my careers in the future and I always loved designing new things on the computer,” Sweet said.  “After researching other colleges, LCCC had a better price and what I wanted.”

At LCCC, Sweet found the support she needed from her professors and faculty to help her succeed.

“At community college the professors and teachers seem to have more time to devote and help their students in classes,” Sweet said. “The college itself tries to create a fun atmosphere while all the while trying to make you feel welcome and as if they are almost your second family.  They do what they can to try and help financially.  Some community colleges give you a better opportunity to study and take the classes you want.  You can know more people and make more friends with your classmates with smaller groups and smaller classes.  You are not required to stay on campus and live there if you can’t afford it.  They understand and work better with your daily life and work schedule.”

LCCC has also offered Sweet many opportunities to build job experience with internships. The people she has met at LCCC have also helped her personal development in addition to her professional development.

“LCCC cares about their students more than I experienced at the first college I attended,” Sweet said.  “I have had great opportunities to work as an intern in several areas of the college, which has helped in building my career and what is needed for experience.  I have learned to build relationships, work with other students, grow in my abilities, character, responsibility, try new things, grow out of my comfort zone, meet amazing people on campus, etc.  Also, I was able to get good scholarships and financial help.  That really helped, otherwise I would not be able to attend college.  I am very thankful for all the job opportunities I have had here as well. Otherwise, I would not be able to finish my degrees.”

Sweet graduated with her Multimedia degree in 2021, but she decided to return to LCCC to receive her associates in music.

“I chose to continue attending LCCC for my music degree as I already knew those in the music program. The price was what I needed, and it was advised and encouraged by my peers, friends, family, and professors,” Sweet said.

Sweet has been playing piano since she was seven and flute since she was 10. Outside of her coursework, she give music lessons to students.

Sweet’s love for music inspired her to take her passion a step further with a degree. She wants to become a better teacher by better understanding music theory.

Sweet will graduate with her associate in music this semester. After graduation, she wants to get a full-time job as a graphic designer, teach music to more students, and write.  

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