How to Make Your College Transfer Application Shine

How to Make Your College Transfer Application Shine

How to Make Your College Transfer Application Shine

Jul 12, 2022

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Transfer applications are probably the most stressful time in any transfer student’s education. Forget final exams, this is what it’s all been leading up to. You’ve put in the work, gotten the grades, and now what? How do you summarize the work you’ve done over the past however many years and take that next step to completing your bachelor’s degree – and maybe even beyond? Here are a few tips and areas to focus on to make your college transfer application the best it can be:

Research the College’s Core Values and Mission Statement

Understanding what makes your dream college unique is key to showing why you’d be the ideal student to attend. Why do you want to go to this college? Is it because their program is the best in the country? Is it local? Are there professors you want to study under? Is its mission aligned with your religious belief system or personal values? Let the admissions team know in your essays. Show that you’ve done your research and have good reasons to believe you’d thrive at this institution.

Call Out Specific Professors

Whether you already know the professors in your ideal program or you’re still exploring, take a look at who you may be learning from. See if they’ve published anything and check it out. Not only will it help you see if this is someone you’d like to learn from, but it gives you something specific to mention in your admission essays when explaining your connection to the college. This detail can show that you’re serious about this college for specific reasons and can go a long way with admissions staff.

Highlight Your Leadership Experience

Show what makes you a strong student-scholar-leader and the difference you’ve made on your current campus. Use specific evidence, quantitative and qualitative data are huge bonuses, to show the work you’ve done as a campus leader. By showing that you aren’t just a “go in, get degree, get out” type of student, you’re showing that you are a valuable person to have at their college, both as a student and later as an alum.

Share Your Story

Don’t be humble, don’t spare the details – let the admissions staff know who you are. Explain what makes you a unique student, what drives you, and what sets you apart from the rest. What obstacles have you overcome? What challenges have you faced? What brings you joy? What experience and history do you bring to the table? Admissions staff see hundreds if not thousands of applications each year – by sharing your unique experiences, you’ll be someone they’ll remember.

Get Feedback

Talk to professors, advisors, peers, family, and friends. Get as many people to read your application and provide feedback and criticism as you can. Your support network might remember things you don’t or have insights you didn’t think of. Ultimately, the final decision on what you include in your application is yours, but having as many different perspectives set eyes to it that you can get is extremely helpful in creating an incredibly well-rounded application.

Focus in, grab a friend, get some snacks, hydrate, and most importantly – believe in yourself. As long as you put in the work, you’ll get where you want to go. We’re rooting for you! Need more information on the transfer process? Check out our page here.

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